"It is a sector of high strategic value and a great opportunity to promote strategies and new activities in this field. We are in a time of change in the way of conceiving our current health ecosystem and of visualizing how the provision of health services will be in the next decades.”

— Dr. Ricardo Llavona, Founding Partner

We are a professional advisory group specialized in the field of technological and non-technological innovation in life sciences, which accompanies emerging companies and investment structures in the search for financing and strategic partners that provide capital, network of contacts and know-how.We collaborate with health entities and institutions in their development. We contribute to improving the transfer of research results to the market.

The health industry needs to improve care for citizens, develop new models and incorporate technology as the axis of change. This development must be based on technical leadership with the highest sector knowledge, because only in this way will future challenges be overcome.

The presence of large technology corporations and new emerging companies turn this scenario of changes into an ecosystem with multiple business opportunities.

"Despite times of financial uncertainty, aggravated by recent events, the health care sector maintains, along with the technology, the current greater weight in the markets."

— Antonio Roibás. Partner

The life sciences and technology sector represent one of the areas of activity with the highest growth in recent years, with an estimated increase in global spending in the sector of 5% in a compound annual rate, between 2020 and 2024.

Interview with Ricardo Llavona.

Biocrew Healthcare Capital is a company whose main objective is to promote technological and non-technological innovation in the life sciences field. We carry out two fundamental activities.

Innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment in health. Is it possible in our environment? The answer is yes.

The challenge is to have investors with extensive knowledge of the sector and who can add value and traction to projects. Aware of the accompaniment work that we have to carry out, we collaborate…

Technological innovation in life sciences, paradigm shift or fad?

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