The digital transformation is allowing to catalyze major changes in the provision of health services, introducing innovative service models despite the multiple challenges that the Health Sector presents.

The constant technological advances with which we live today are implying great paradigm changes in the way we conceive the provision of services and the design of new products.

The Health Sector presents important challenges for these changes, fundamentally related to cybersecurity and the treatment of data subject to strict privacy policies, the rigid and variable structure of Health Systems throughout the world, or the constant evolution of market needs and scenarios, hardly adapted by a system the size of the Health Sector.

Despite the difficulties, it is a reality that technology has made a niche for itself, which, as in 2020, is expected to grow in the coming years, adding value and driving the Health Sector thanks to a series of key contributions that already They have achieved enough capillarity to allow them to act as an engine of innovation in other areas of Health Care. Many of these technologies are based on the use of Software as a Service (Saas), with which the potential development and implementation of new technologies is enormous.

HAAS (Healthcare As A Service) Cloud Computing Solutions

They are allowing professionals in the sector to rationalize very heavy tasks, improve communication between medical services.

Big Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform healthcare presentation processes. It can offer improvements in care, user experience and access to services. It can be a total support tool for professionals and help more efficient distribution of resources. These are exponential technologies that are constantly evolving, and they do so in parallel with the ethical and privacy debates that involve the use of sensitive personal data.

Open platforms

It allows health information to have a global vocation, to allow access to data extracted in real time anywhere in the world. It improves the quality and efficiency of Health Systems and benefits the patient in an extraordinary way.


Health supply chains, information flows in clinical trials or transactions between Health Systems, are movements that have a global reach with enormous dimensions, and that on many occasions give rise to breaks in their information flows.

Data as a Platform (DaaP)

This approach represents a change in the approach to health data management. It is beginning to seek to monetize health data instead of just using and storing it. It opens a horizon of opportunities in the global management of Health Systems.

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