The Health Sector is made up of different ecosystems in constant evolution.

It is expected that as of 2020, important changes that have been perceived in recent years will be accentuated: fundamentally the Sector faces an inevitable reengineering of processes, in which innovation in the provision of healthcare services and the generation of personalized products that provide the focus on the specific characteristics of each patient will be the main drivers of a complex environment that can only be known with precision from within.

To understand the whole, it is necessary to define in a concrete way the tendencies of each of the actors that participate in said changes, to act knowing the most promising horizons of opportunity:

Digital Health: The enormous development of technology is permeating the Health Sector, so the precise analysis of data will begin to have much more importance. Better structuring the information of each patient will allow the establishment of correlations and patterns that provide information previously inaccessible to clinical staff.

Medical devices: The current trend motivates traditional Medical Devices companies to incorporate technology and to cooperate with other key players, in order to continue being decisive in dictating what the new healthcare models will be like.

Biotechnology: Fundamental driver of a paradigm shift in terms of personalization of medical care. Huge potential of some new technologies in order to act as drivers of the change towards Personalized Precision Medicine.

Investing in knowledge and innovation will facilitate growth and economic recovery.

Four fundamental axes converge in the health industry:

1. It is the industrial sector that invests the most in R&D.
2. It is a strategic sector due to the ability to generate wealth and productive employment. Average productivity per job in the health industry triples that of other sectors.
3. It is an inclusive sector, key in continuing to work on gender equality and with enormous economic potential.
4. It is an essential sector for achieving the objectives of the 2030 Agenda, it is present in 12 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

As professionals who maintain our professional work within the Sector in a multidisciplinary way (healthcare, management, research, big pharma, finance …) we invest a large amount of our time, knowledge, and contacts, in analyzing the adequacy of each project to the real needs of the market to offer tailored services to each of our clients.
The vocation with which Biocrew supports the projects is with a clear market orientation, with the fundamental objectives of generating traction and promoting commercial and business development.

We work to be your reference in strategic consultancy in new technologies technologies in the Health Sector.

We offer consultancy in process re-engineering based on technology and in the technology and in analysis of the value of companies for investment decisions. investment decisions.

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