The high degree of maturity and saturation of the sanitary products market opens a horizon of opportunities where innovation in product design and collaboration with other actors in the ecosystem are key to compete.

Healthcare products and devices companies (Medical Devices) have been driving great changes within the Health Sector for decades. Some of these cases can be pacemakers, prostheses, diagnostic equipment, or infusion pumps.

Currently, its main problems (the intense price-profitability pressure, the high maturity of the industry and the reengineering of healthcare processes) can hardly be solved without defining a clear strategy of association with consumer technology and Digital Health companies (Digital Health) specialized to meet, together, a changing market.

Thus, Medical Technology companies (MedTech) are well positioned to promote a future of health, where the greatest window of opportunity is found in the strategic definition of a framework of cooperation between companies of different types.

Direct consumer information:

B2C models with a high capacity to influence patients when changing their health habits. Increasing importance of the market related to prevention.


It allows to exponentially increase the analytical capacities of health professionals. Very relevant in the prevention of serious pathologies, in relation to the biotechnological design of biomarkers.

Greater importance of data

Despite selling a product, today’s market tends to value even data stored on hardware more than the hardware itself.


It offers enormous possibilities for automating processes in different areas of health systems: clinical laboratories, surgeries, or analysis of patient samples.

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

The aim is to create infrastructures that connect the 3 agents: Medical Devices, Software as a Service and Health Systems, so that the information flows related to people, raw data or products are coordinated efficiently.

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