In search of the best private financing for emerging projects in life sciences and technology.

The challenge is to have investors with extensive knowledge of the sector and who can add value and traction to projects.
Aware of the accompaniment work that we have to carry out, we collaborate with health entities and institutions in their development. We contribute to improving the transfer of research results to the market.

We support research institutes, health institutions and companies, scientific societies, professional associations in direct relationship with entrepreneurs, researchers, innovation units and companies.
With entrepreneurs we want to complete the value of the team, support with a network that multiplies the radius of action of the company and increases the chances of success. Help in the search for support in complementary areas, legal, financial, logistics, marketing, and design.
With the researchers we seek to identify business ideas: Cloning of existing ideas or launching new models. Participate in the selection of equipment for the company to create. Facilitate access to initial capital and direct participation in it. Analyze public and / or private financing channels. Collaborate in the management of the project.

With the innovation units, we intend to promote the valuation of the research results obtained through license and exploitation agreements, search for strategic partners and business development. Collaborate in the search for private corporate or non-corporate financing that contributes to developing the objectives of the unit. Promote business development. Exceptionally, and if any of the research results generated could be of sufficient entity and meet all the necessary requirements, participate in the promotion of emerging companies from within the unit.

With the company we can offer support in the analysis of emerging technology developed by technology centers, health professionals or entrepreneurs and that can be part of the vertical lines of open innovation of the company.